Ark Survival Evolved How to Build a Starter Base

Hello and welcome to a tutorial on how to build a starter base in Ark Survival Evolved! Here i will tell you how to do it step by step.

First you will have to craft the foundations nine of them will be your best bet before you even start though you will have to level upstart by crafting the basic tools like a pick, hatchet and spear just in case you need to fend off dinos. But don’t forget to learn the engram before you do by going to the second point at the top of your screen, but these cost engram points to get. To actually gain a level you must upgrade something either weight, health, stamina, movement speed ect.

For a pick you will need: one stone, ten thatch and one wood, then go into your inventory go to the crafting section and craft the item. Its the same with everything else it just costs different materials and it might have to be crafted in something else like a smithy or fabricator.

Now for leveling to get thatch structures it is level 4 which means the best way to level at this point is to just mine things like rocks trees and pick bushes.

Once you have got to level four you will need to learn the engrams for thatch foundation, ceiling, wall, doorframe and door. Now you will need nine foundations, twelve walls, nine ceilings, one doorframe and one door.

Now that you have this you will need to find a flat and safe surface to build on. Once you have found the place place three foundations then three behind it and the last three behind that and make sure they are connected. Then place the two layers of walls that you have crafted around this. Now the ceilings directly above he foundations but connected to the walls. Finally destroy one of the bottom middle walls and replace it with the doorframe and then the door between it.

Congratulations!!! You have created a thatch starter base now you may log off in your comfy thatch house and be happy!

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