Fortnite Small Tips For Winning Matches

A few small tips if all I can offer for people like me the usual average player, but there are some little tips for winning matches that could work if you do them properly.

TIP.1: When you first start the match if you stand still in the lobby you could convince the people that can’t get a kill to go and kill the A.F.K  people when they land because they can’t do anything; still that does mean that if your going for a high kill win you might not have as much as you would like. But still you have got more people out of the way.

TIP.2: when your in the buss find a place on the map that is the furthest away then less people will be there and it won’t be as much of a hassle to get loot and a decent  start.

MY FINAL TIP: Try to stay away from people because they could kill you and end you chance of winning. This does not mean camping in a bush all game, but not looking for trouble.

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