Geometry Dash Electrodynamix – 5 Tips For Completing The Level

Hello Everybody Here Are Some Tips For Completing the Dreaded Electrodynamix Level! I Hope You Complete the Level From These Tips and Possibly Other Ones!

1.The First Tip is To Look Slightly Ahead Your Block or Character, This Way You Have a Better Picture of What is Comming up, and it Can Stop You Continuously Looking at Your Character and Dying Over and Over Again!

2. My Second Tip is To Find Your Preferred Jumping Method: Either Your Mouse, up Arrow or Space Bar if You Are on Computer, if You Are Not Then All You Can do is Tap Tap Tap Away!

3. Another Tip is to Make Sure There Are no Other Tabs Running Because it Could Cause Lag or Even Crash Your Computer Especially if Other Programs Are Using the Network.

4. Next is my Fourth Tip, Always Practise the Level With Practise Mode Because Then You Have a Better Chance of Completing it.

5. My Final Tip is to Rest Your Hand Before Starting the Level, Because Midway Through the Level You Could Stop Because Your Hand is Aching and Burning After Practising, or Playing Other Levels or What Ever You Were Doing Before You Started the Level!

Thank You For Reading my Tips For Electrodynamix or Some Other Level That You Might Have Used This For, I Hope You Complete the Level That You Have Been Playing and Maybe Even Remember a Method or Learn Something New!

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