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Shadow hunter cant fly but can hunt with a bow
Read about the shadow hunter class in trove on PS4

If you are looking for a new class one of my first recommendations would be the Shadow Hunter, though it is not the best in shadow towers it is one of the best classes inside the shadow tower with its fast speed and its ultimate shot it sure to leave a mark on the enemies, it is truely a god or goddess of the game.

Once equipped with fully maxed out crystal gear and an unstoppable ring its stats would be overpowered especially when you have its three star stellar class gems or normal gems obtained from empowered gem boxes in the game.

Dungeons and Shadow Hunter class.

This characters abilities can shread nearby enemies with its sharp glistening arrows. In the trove community there is loads of shadow hunters because it is such a good class because it can deal immense amounts of damage when its fireing shots so quickly, i would get this class now and start to play it as quick as you can.

Although this class isn’t the best outside shadow towers you still want it to be able to complete the dungeons as fast as you can. Shadow towers are truely a walk in the park for this character.

When building this class, make sure you have at least shadow or radiant weapons when you stop grinding dungeons, because the radiant or shadow equipment are so deadly you will easily be able to fire an arrow and hit an enemy and do so much physical damage and so quickly because of its speed. The shadow hunters bow it the best when it has physical damage and when you re-roll a stat make sure you don’t make the mistake of having max or percent health because it is best when your attack does more damage than you having to much health, but if you have the knights second class ability you can still have a vial or two…. or twenty.

Trove Shadow Hunter Class – Enemies.

Shadow Hunter enimies in Trove.

I hope you learn’t something new from this post and if you have this class put your power rank in the comments of this post.

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