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Your privacy matters to the us, the owners of, with this in mind it is worth noting that we are not a company, we are merely a hobby game site.
Even though we collect very little information from you, please read this document in full so you are aware of what we do collect.
Who we are?
I, Mr M Waddington, created the site for my son James who is nine years old. He will add reviews to the site, and hopefully he will grow a forum about games.

What information do we collect?
If you choose to register for the forum, you will be invited to enter a Username, Email address and Password.
There is no requirement for you to enter any other information, the Username can be anonymous.
We store the above mentioned data on a database so that you can log in and post comments and join in the conversations.
We store the email address on our server but we do not use these addresses to send any advertising emails, they may be used for administration purposes, such as if you need to reset your password.
At the point at which the website was created, it is coded to send a single welcome email to you, and that is the end of its use.
Unless we are legally obliged to give your email to law enforcement agencies such as the police or other government body, we will not share your email address with any third party whatsoever.

What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?
We only collect the Username, Email Address and Password on the forum.
We need these details in the event you need to perform a password reset, again, it is worth noting that you will not receive any advertising from us through your email, and your email address will not be passed on to any third party.
The username is stored so that you can identify yourself to our forum, and so that when you post comments they will attributed to your username. The password is stored so that other people cannot use your username to make posts with it.

We also collect the following information from you if you want to contact us.
Name, Email Address, Telephone Number, Postal Address and your Requirements.
These data are sent to us via email, we will retain this information for as long as we feel it is required for us to handle your request.
We delete these emails by hand once the enquiry has been dealt with - prior to deletion they are stored on our password protected email server.

When do we share personal data?
We never share personal data.

Where do we store, secure and process personal data?
Your data is stored on our database which is password protected, the password is encrypted and our website runs over a secure protocol known as HTTPS.

How long do we keep your personal data for?
We will store your data (as described above) for as long as you wish to use the system. We do this because we need to store it whilst you need to log on.
You can delete your forum account at any time, at which point the data (username, password and email address) will be wiped from our servers permanently using the deletion routines coded into the forum.

Your rights in relation to personal data
You may change your email address at any time using the options within the forum.

How to contact us?
You may contact us at any time you wish regarding your data, or any other topic. The method of contact is to email

We will update this document as required should this hobby website turn into a business and require more data collection and in turn - more specific compliance with GDPR regulations which pertain to activities which we are not currently engaged in.

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